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Annemijn and Niklas

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Our Story

Annemijn and Niklas’ first date was Thursday, February 7, 2019, at 8 am at Cafe Stella in Norfolk. Annemijn was running a few minutes late (usually it’s the other way around), so Niklas enjoyed his coconut macaroon in peace (he has a sweet tooth). While Annemijn prefers coffee over pastries in the morning, they quickly realized that they do have mutual interests beyond tennis. They both enjoy hiking, camping, trying new restaurants and traveling. Their favorite trip together was to Athens and the Greek Isles where Niklas sampled different types of baklava everyday. They brought their racquets on every trip except to Culebra, a small, idyllic island off the coast of Puerto Rico. Instead, Niklas packed an engagement ring at the bottom of his briefcase. Unfortunately, the TSA agent at Norfolk Airport found Niklas’ briefcase suspicious and decided to unpack it in front of us. While the agent was carefully assessing the threat level of the ring box, Annemijn was luckily busy responding to a few last emails before our flight (proposing in the security line would have been original but slightly less romantic). Niklas proposed to Annemijn four days later, on February 22, 2022, yes – 2/22/22, in front of countless roosters and a beautiful sunrise.

The rest is history…